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Beaded door curtains and window curtains – Home decor

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If you want to have a romantic passage into the room, colorful beads can be very good to decorate your door. The curtain has Bohemia style, different types of beads were used to make the door and window attractive. We supply the different materials of the beaded door curtain, to create a different decorative effect.

In addition to beads used to decorate the doors and windows, they also used to separate room. They are usually used to clean up storage rooms or kitchens of small shops or restaurants. For home decoration, you can also use the bead curtain to separate your bedroom, closet, and storage area.

Beaded curtains are very popular in global market that they are suitable for indoor decoration. According to different styles of interior design, buy a different style of bead curtain to match. Bead curtain not only has a beautiful appearance, but also easy to clean. There is a lot of bead curtain price from online vendors, generally depends on the quality of the beads, as well as the overall design and process of the bead curtain.

Different types of beads are used to make different bead curtain. These beads, including glass, wood, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, sometimes even crystals and diamond. The plastic beads usually are very cheap online, you can buy from our company and go back to DIY beaded curtain. According to design ideas, custom beaded curtains with a variety of styles and sizes.

Beaded door curtains and window curtains are popular in the market, filled with modern design elements, but the cost is not high and easy to maintain. If your bead curtain is broken, order the same style and size of the bead curtain to replace from online store.





Developing and manufacturing the water purifier series

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water purifier

Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipments Co. Ltd is a water treatment company which contains research and development, OEM and sales. It is one of the water purifying product companies that having the newest domestic product styles and the best product quality. Our company will dedicate ourselves to improving the core technology and going the own brand way for meeting the healthy living target of the national green environmental protection with low-carbon. Our company has the developed manufacturing devices and the excellent top studying and developing team. We are dedicating ourselves to developing and manufacturing the series products such as the home-used hanging-on-the-wall style high energy activation water purifier, the home-used standing style high energy activation water purifier, the RO(reverse osmosis)water purifier, the soft water purifier, the central water purifier, the piping direct drinking machine, the multi-function stainless direct drinking machine, the large industrial use membrane separating technology.

Our company has achieved the ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification, the Chinese National Mandatory Product 3C Certification and the National Drinking Water Product Health Safety Certification by the Ministry of Public Health of China. Up to now our company has applied for some patents, and the new products have filled the blank in the domestic and the foreign water treatment equipment industry, and have set a precedent in the industry. Olans will have a foothold on the water treatment industry, and find more and wider corporation business chances. And also we will plan to enter the foreign markets gradually and be well known as a famous international brand in the water treatment industry.

Quality is the company life! Service is the company soul! We keep the management philosophy of “credit is heaviest, service is highest, customers are tallest” and the service philosophy of “sincerely collaborate with customers and create value continuously” and the management tenet of “serve honestly, exchange fairly, manage abiding the law, develop steadily”. We keep building up the dedication spirit value and the harmony and win-win management philosophy in order to improve the market competitiveness and build up the new water drinking concept of environmental protection, science and technology, health and safety. Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd will concentrate our attention on the deep development of the water purifying and treatment industry, and make a contribution for prosperity and development of human water drinking engineering!

High-end home furniture designed by JL&C furniture

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JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd is the premier manufacturer and supplier of quality home furniture based on modern design principles. We are known throughout the industry for our attention to detail, world class service and support and our dedication to our craft. With JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd, your satisfaction is our top priority; you have our word on it.

Globally headquartered in Shanghai, China, JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd was built around our 20 years of design experience in the furniture industry. Using the highest quality raw materials and stringent quality control standards, we are able to produce competitively priced, high-end furniture that will become a focal point in your home or office.

JL&C Furniture offers exclusive, high end furniture and home goods to consumers all over the world. For your home, office, hotel or night club, you can count on JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd to supply you with the highest quality, friendliest service and most knowledgeable support in the industry.

home furniture

High-end home furniture designed by JL&C furniture

Bedroom Furniture       Dining Room Furniture         Living Room Furniture
-Bed                                        -Dining Table                                   -Living Room Sofa
-Nightstand                           -Dining Chair                                   -Coffee Table
-Dresser                                 -Wine Cabinet                                  -TV Cabinet
-Dresser Mirror                                                                                -Console Table
-Chest of Drawer                                                                              -Console Chair

Our customers are important to us and we strive to give them complete satisfaction with every purchase. We are committed to providing the highest quality product possible; shop with us today and see the difference modern design will make in your home.

Connect With Us
To learn more about JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd and our extensive collection of high quality furniture and home accessories, contact us and let one of our friendly, experienced representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for visiting us today and for making JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd the world’s leader in quality neo-classical furniture for your home, hotel or night club.


Total solution service in LED Lighting

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LED tube

Shenzhen ZENITH Technology Co., Ltd. located in Shenzhen, China. We offer a range of possibilities in LED Lighting technologies.

ZENITH can meet any kinds of order for competitive price, total solution service in LED Lightings. Now, we have diversified our LED Lighting products and passed the strict quality standards of Schneider electric. We’ve also served some global clients as the Walmart, Carrefour etc.

By meeting such strict demands for quality, we have propelled ourselves into top tier of global supplier.

Our factory has the capacity of producing LED Tube Light 100,000pcs/m, LED Panel Light 20000pcs/m, LED downlight 30,000pcs/m, LED bulb and Spotlight 100,000pcs/m. and be able to tailor the specific customer request in LED outdoor and indoor area. We will do our best effort for customer satisfaction in every aspects.

LED lights

Shenzhen ZENITH Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: 3rd floor, Building 6, Jing Hua Zhong Technology Park, No.2, Jin Long Rd, Baolong Industrial Park, Long Gang District, Shenzhen, China.

Window and door hardware accessories

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3H INC. was established in 1981, a leading domestic manufacturer specialized in manufacturing aluminum window & door accessories, UPVC window & door accessories, Glass curtain wall and door control accessories. We are the only modernized enterprise group capable of developing and producing window & door hardware accessories as well as rubber sealing in China.


After 30 years of development, relying on solid technical foundation and advanced management concept, developed into a covers an area of nearly 300000 square meters, employs more than 2000 large enterprises. Our sales volume in year 2013 reached RMB 936 million, increased by 30% over the previous year.

Our main products including all accessories related to a building, like aluminum and UPVC window handles, window hinges, window friction stays, door handles, door hinges, door locks, flush bolt, sliding locks, sliding rollers, brushes, rubber sealing; glass door patch fittings, floor springs, floor hinges, door closers, pull handles, hand rails, shower room fittings, curtain wall fittings like opening system, stainless steel spider, flat cap routel, window opener etc.  We provide one-stop supply, 90% of products produced by our own factory, 10% by our high quality partner. Make your purchasing simple and fast.

“Create value for construction” being our principle, 3H INC is trying to create elegant, safe and energy-saving living environments and to create value for the society. We insist the company idea of win-win cooperation, harmonious development.


How to choose a TV wall mount

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Along the development of LCD TV, LED TV; TV wall mount is necessary for modern home decoration. You can find it in bedroom, living room, exhibiting room, dining room etc, this mainly because of a TV wall mount can save space, decorate your home, and meet the need of different people’s TV watching experience.

TV wall mount is good, then how to choose one? Here are some guides for you to begin with:
First you should know what the inch of your TV, for CNXD TV mount, our mount usually divided into 10”-32”, 25”-52”, 32”-65”, >65”. As long as TV within this range, you can choose the TV wall mount accordingly. Modern LCD TV, LED TV way light than before, but the weight also need to take into consideration. If you TV is 30”, The TV wall mount MAX loading weight is 20kg, but your TV is kg, normally it’s OK since the TV wall mount comes from big supplier who always take triple or four-time weight test before the bulk manufacturing mounts come to market, so avoid of small trader or small workshop.

You may not know that all of our TV wall mounts are VESA compliant, so as TVs. Then you may wonder how can I tell if my TV’s VESA. It’s easy-peasy, just measure the holes distance from the two holes by horizontally and vertically. Below diagrams may help you to know more clearly:

Choosing a TV wall mount also need to know the common three different TV wall mount, that’s Fixed TV wall mount, Tilted TV wall mount, Full motion TV wall mount.

1. What’s a fixed TV wall mount? A fixed TV wall mount simply means it can mount on the walls. It just has the function of mounting the TV on the wall. It’s simple but the function limited, it’s have no swivel or tilting function, and common loading weight is small ( at CNXD TV mount we have fixed and heavy duty TV wall mount for heavy weight TVs, such as our PTS1230 ). But the price of fixed TV wall mount is cheap and fit most walls (brick wall, stud wall etc.)

2. What’s a tilted TV wall mount? Tilting Wall Mount is the right choice for most TV installations. It can make the TV very close to the wall, and it’s tilting up and down function can make the TV watching avoid of the glare of the window or lights. And not alone to say, it’s up and down moving makes the TV owner or watcher available to reach the back cables and TV cleaning.

3. What’s a full motion TV wall mount? Full motion TV wall mount is the most flexible TV wall mount, it has all the functions of fixed or tilted TV wall mount. It can pull the TV away from the wall-saving space, adjust the distance from the TV and you; it can tilt up and down, avoid the glare of window or light; it can swivel left and right, for example, you can enjoy TV from kitchen while your TV is in living room.


Professional natural stone tiles manufacturing enterprise

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natural stone tiles

We are a professional natural stone tiles manufacturing enterprise which in Xiamen, Fujian, China. With the domestic and foreign advanced stone processing equipment, strictly management and a batch of experienced technological teams, it produce high quality, high-accuracy serial products of stone material.

Professional Factory
Our own processing factory located in Nanan city which equipped with complete set of machine introduce from Italy, such as automatic polishing machine, computer numerical control cutting machine and experienced technological team of research and development, highly responsible quality inspection personnel and perfect after sale service.

Natural stone scope range covers Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Slate, Quartzite, Basalt, Limestone, Travertine, Porphyry, Pebble and other related products. There are more than 200 different kinds of colors, which are white, grey, red, black, green, blue, purple, pink and yellow.

Product Catalog 
1. Tiles, Slabs, Cut-To-Size, Super Thin Tiles (6mm, 3mm in thickness).
2. Cube Stones, Paving Stones, Cobbles Stones, Bricks, Pillars.
3. Counter & Vanity tops, Island & Bar tops, Bathroom tops.
4. Sinks and Basins, Windowsills, Steps, Stone Furniture and Sanitation.
5. Columns, Moulding, Balustrades, Door Sets, Window Sets.
6. Sculptures, Fountains, Fireplace, Vases, Tables, Chairs, Sunlamp Stones and Stone Crafts.
7. Monuments, Tombstones, Urns.
8. Mosaics, Patterns, Laminated Panels.
9. Architectural Stone which according to any detailed drawing.

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Since the establishment of the company, we keep the faith of mutual benefit, creativeness, cost control and sincere service. As we gained the well acceptance for the brand from our customers, the company developed quickly. Our after service net covers all over the country. All our high-accomplished sales personal are facing our customers at any time. We are expecting to create brilliance together with you.